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Japan claims Korea played role in Kono Statement Updated: 2014-06-20 16:42:31 KST

Japan claims Korea played role in Kono Statement
The Japanese government has released the results of its review of the so-called Kono Statement to Japanese lawmakers.
For the latest, let's connect to our foreign affairs correspondent Hwang Sung-hee at Seoul's foreign ministry.
Sung-hee, what can you tell us?

The results of a government-conducted review on the Kono statement was submitted at a House of Representatives Budget Committee meeting earlier on this Friday afternoon.
The statement was issued back in 1993 by then-Chief Cabinet Secretary Yohei Kono ( ) and it acknowledged for the very first time the forced sexual enslavement of women by the Japanese military.
More than 200-thousand women, mostly Korean, were forced to serve the Japanese military in comfort stations during the Second World War
In February, the Japanese government has formed an inspection team with five members consisting of lawyers and experts to re-examine how the statement was put together.
According to Japanese media, the report released today claims the Korean government played a role in the text of the Kono statement through discussions.
The report says Seoul and Tokyo agreed to keep their dealings a secret.
In addition, it also claims the Japanese government did not verify the validity of testimonies given by 16 Korean comfort women which were the basis of the Kono statement.

What's the South Korean government's reaction?

Seoul has not given an official statement on the report but it is expected to draw heavy criticism from South Korea.
Before the report was actually released, Japanese media reported on these possible under-the-table dealings between Seoul and Tokyo.
Then, the South Korean government lashed out, saying the statement was made on Japan's own accord.
South Korea's Vice Foreign Minister Cho Tae-yong will be visiting Washington Tuesday for talks with U.S. Deputy Secretary of State William Burns.
Cho is expected to raise the re-examination results and express concerns that Japan's ongoing denial of its historical wrongdoings is badly damaging regional stability.

Thank you, Sung-hee and do keep us updated as the story develops.
That was our foreign affairs correspondent Hwang Sung-hee reporting live from the foreign ministry in Seoul.
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