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Japan claims Korea played role in Kono Statement Updated: 2014-06-20 16:42:31 KST

Japan claims Korea played role in Kono Statement
The Japanese government has released the results of its review of the so-called Kono Statement to Japanese lawmakers.
For the latest, let's connect to our foreign affairs correspondent Hwang Sung-hee at Seoul's foreign ministry.
Sung-hee, what can you tell us?

The results of a government-conducted review on the Kono statement was submitted at a House of Representatives Budget Committee meeting earlier on this Friday afternoon.
The statement was issued back in 1993 by then-Chief Cabinet Secretary Yohei Kono ( ) and it acknowledged for the very first time the forced sexual enslavement of women by the Japanese military.
More than 200-thousand women, mostly Korean, were forced to serve the Japanese military in comfort stations during the Second World War
In February, the Japanese government has formed an inspection team with five members consisting of lawyers and experts to re-examine how the statement was put together.
According to Japanese media, the report released today claims the Korean government played a role in the text of the Kono statement through discussions.
The report says Seoul and Tokyo agreed to keep their dealings a secret.
In addition, it also claims the Japanese government did not verify the validity of testimonies given by 16 Korean comfort women which were the basis of the Kono statement.

What's the South Korean government's reaction?

Seoul has not given an official statement on the report but it is expected to draw heavy criticism from South Korea.
Before the report was actually released, Japanese media reported on these possible under-the-table dealings between Seoul and Tokyo.
Then, the South Korean government lashed out, saying the statement was made on Japan's own accord.
South Korea's Vice Foreign Minister Cho Tae-yong will be visiting Washington Tuesday for talks with U.S. Deputy Secretary of State William Burns.
Cho is expected to raise the re-examination results and express concerns that Japan's ongoing denial of its historical wrongdoings is badly damaging regional stability.

Thank you, Sung-hee and do keep us updated as the story develops.
That was our foreign affairs correspondent Hwang Sung-hee reporting live from the foreign ministry in Seoul.

jamawns (USA) 2014-06-21 18:15:59 KST    

Kim Bok-dong said raped by Japanese soldiers during Korean War, Huh?

Comfort woman Kim Sun-ok was sold 2 times by her father, not abducted by Japan.

Comfort Woman Hwan KumJu was raped on Christmas Holiday that Japan never held.

Lee Yong-Soo was delighted when deceived by sex Broker.

Yang Soon-im was busted by South Korean police for fraud.

Jung Soh-Un worked in Holland's colony for Japanese soldiers, Huh?

Kil Won-Ok is pretending Comfort Women of WW2 to get money from Japan.

Kil Won-Ok said when freed from Japanese slavery, her county was divided into 2, Huh?

Comfort Women photo of Korean war was used to accuse Japan by ROK, shading off the English signs.

Mun Ok-ju made bank deposit of JPY26,145 (4 times army general’s annual income, 145 times private’s annual income, 48 times police officer’s annual income or 29 times starting annual income for a college graduate) for 2.5 years equivalent to today’s USD600,000.

Comfort women admitted that they sold themselves Later said abducted

Comfort women were recruited by private sex brokers NOT coerced by Japanese government.

U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
Comfort Women, Truth are Professional prostitute,

jamawns (USA) 2014-06-21 18:15:23 KST    

[Details of Exchanges Between Japan and the Republic of Korea (ROK) Regarding the Comfort Women Issue ~ From the Drafting of the Kono Statement to the Asian Women’s Fund ~]

jamawns (USA) 2014-06-21 18:14:13 KST    

Let's call it 'Kono DANGO' rather than Kono Statement.
[Basic 13 questions about comfort women issue related with Japan.]
(1)What Korean men were doing if their wives or daughters were abducted for sex slaves? Why did NOT those men defend women and protest against criminals?
(2)Mayors of ALL villages in Korea were ALL Korean, NO EXCEPTION.
What were mayors doing if so many women in their towns were abducted, raped and to be forced sex slaves?
(3)The military police in Korea who clamp down military soldier’s misconduct were ALL Korean, NO EXCEPTION because Korean language was necessary for duty.
What Korean military police were doing if Japanese military in Korea came to a village and took women?
(4)About 40% of governors of prefectures (equivalent to state in the U.S.) were Korean.
What were Korean governors doing if so many women in their prefectures were abducted, raped and to be forced sex slaves?
(5)There was a Korean lawmaker of the House of Representatives in Tokyo.
What was he doing and why didn’t he complain if so many women in Korea were abducted, raped and to be forced sex slaves?
(6)There were many Korean members of the House of Loads. Their power was so strong and cannot be compared to current member of the House of Council (Similar to the U.S. Senators).
Why didn’t they say anything if so many women in Korea were abducted, raped and to be forced sex slaves?
(7)There were so many Korean dukes and counts as Nobleman.
What were they doing if so many women in Korea were abducted, raped and to be forced sex slaves?
(8)Furthermore, there were so many Korean in the Japan’s imperial family. They were Yi imperial family whose rank was higher than Japan’s crown prince. The rank was (1) Japanese emperor, (2) Yi imperial family, (3)Japan’s crown prince.
Why didn’t they complain if so many women in Korea were abducted, raped and to be forced sex slaves?
(9)Just after the Asia-Pacific war, Syngman Ree came back from the U.S. He started anti-Japan campaign in the fierce manner. He started to demand money for Korean People who fought for Japan. Notwithstanding, Syngman Ree did not mention comfort women at all, even a word. Why?
(10)Toward the Japan-Korea Basic Relation Treaty in 1965, both Japan and Korea had negotiated for 14 years. During 14 years, Korean government did not mention comfort women at all, even a word. Why?
(11)From 1965 to 1991 for 26 years, Korean government and Korean mass media did not mention comfort women at all, even a word. Why?
(12)The person started abduction story was Japanese. The abduction story was fabricated by a Japanese, Seiji Yoshida. Later he admitted his fabrication. Also, Cheju Newspaper in Korea, August 14, 1989 had revealed“Coerced comfort women by Japan is fiction” U.N. Coomaraswamy report E/CN.4/1996/53 in 1996 and United States House of Representatives proposed House Resolution 121 in 2007 were based on such Seiji Yoshida’s perjury. Revised U.S. resolution 121 report removed Yoshida’s perjury on April 3 2007 but its public hearing on Feb 25 2007 was based on the Yoshida’s perjury.
Why does Korea still want to stick the Yoshida’s perjury?
(13)Korea accepted the apology of Kono DANGO but still require further apology. Therefore, Japan tried to review Kono DANGO due to insufficient. However Korea criticized Japan in order not to review the Kono DANGO.
Why does Korea criticize making the past to be recognized honestly and fairly and to be accounted clearly?

Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese and people in Sakhalin were considered as people evenly protected/embraced by Japanese Emperor. If Korean women and children were taken forcibly to be sex slaves, Emperor Showa would never have allowed that.

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