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Korea vs. Russia match street cheering in southern Seoul Updated: 2014-06-18 04:02:28 KST

Korea vs. Russia match street cheering in southern Seoul
The wait is almost over…. Korea will finally get their 2014 World Cup on the road in just under one hour's time.
The coach and the squad say they are ready to take on the Russians and they'll hopefully put three early points in the bag before their next two group games against Algeria and Belgium.
Although it's still very early here in Korea, SIX AM in the morning, the cheers and excitement are reaching fever pitch.
To check out the atmosphere for ourselves, we connect live to our Kwon So-a, who is standing by at one of the venues, where (ten-)thousands of people have gathered to root for Team Korea.
Good morning, Soa

Good morning Mark, on this exciting first match day for South Korea, playing against Russia this Wednesday.
The streets here in front of COEX, the Convention and Exhibition halls in southern Seoul are PACKED with people all hoping the red devils get beat Russia.
I've been here since a bit past four, and already people had filled the front rows in front of a stage here.
There are a lot of young people, but also families standing in rows stretching far behind big screens installed in intervals here, so that everyone can see the action unfolding in Brazil
Around 1-thousand police are deployed to make sure the event takes place safely, and hundreds of volunteers are here to make sure its comfortable and a fun one, with drinks and snacks and little events at tents set up here.
More than 100-thousand people are expected at some 26 main cheering locations across the nation.

Soa, and I hear the music behind you is raising the mood.
And, there's word that Korean singing sensation and Gangnam Style star PSY will be performing?

Exactly. It's not an exaggeration to say that it will be one of the main events here today.
It is not yet sure when exactly PSY will be appearing here, but he will be.. and he'll be performing his new single 'Hangover' live for the first time.
Girls Day, Lady's Code, NC.A , Leejeong , G.Na, Park Hyun-bin, and many other famous Korean singers have already heated up the atmosphere, and more is to come as we count down the minutes to the game.
If you're at home and want to join the crowd here, it's not too late if you take the subway.
Since all lanes on Yeongdongdaero street in the direction from Samsung Station to Coex are being restricted until to 2 p.m. today, it would be a good idea if you leave your car at home.
This has been Kwon Soa, reporting live at Yeongdongdae-ro, and I'll be back at 7am when the game begins.

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