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2014 World Cup Brazil: Brazil wows world with ceremony, wins opening match 3-1 Updated: 2014-06-13 12:09:29 KST

2014 World Cup Brazil: Brazil wows world with ceremony, wins opening match 3-1
The 2014 World Cup officially kicked off in Brazil with the opening ceremony and the first match on Thursday -- dawn on Friday morning here in Korea.
To tell us more about last night's game and what's in store for the next round of games -- we are now joined in the studio by Arirang's sports correspondent Song Ji-sun.
Well, Ji-sun, the opening ceremony was a celebration of Brazilian culture, and their performance at the opening match went according to plan with Brazil scoring a victory.
How did you enjoy it?

Good afternoon, Conn-young -- yes, the opening ceremony epitomized the beauty and life of the South American country.
It all centered around a giant luminous Brazuca ball with dancers and performers dressed in traditional and local costumes.
The ceremony was themed on nature, the people and the sport itself -- and for the finale, the ball in center split into stage for pop singers Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez to sing official song, 'We Are One.'

I think those who tuned in to the World Cup opening ceremony hoping to learn what a World Cup opening ceremony looked like perhaps could have come away a bit disappointed as they weren't and aren't supposed to be as grand and reflective of the host country as, says, Olympic opening ceremonies are.
But, the opening match was definitely an exciting one. Neymar - for so long the face of this World Cup - stepped up and delivered when his home country needed him the most, didn't he?

That's right.
The first goal of this year's World Cup came from the home team -- but it was an own goal by Marcelo on the 11th minute.
Brazilian playmaker Neymar equalised soon after though-- and he slotted home a controversially-awarded penalty in the second half to give Brazil the lead.
Oscar secured the victory with a long-range shot near the end to make it 3-1.

That match came out as many expected, with Brazil scoring the first goals, including their own for the opponent (haha.) Which teams are in action on day 2 of the tournament?

Three games are in line-up for this Friday,. early Saturday, Korea time.
Starting with Group A - Mexico kicks off the first game verses Cameroon at 1 p.m. in the city of Natal - that will be 1 a.m. on a Saturday morning here in Seoul.
And we have the Group B match, one of the most anticipated between Spain and the Netherlands.
They met at the final back in South Africa four years ago, with the Spaniards coming out on top and picking up the trophy for the first time.
Chile, another strong shot from the continent - will go against Australia at 6 p.m. at Cuiaba -- the same venue Korea will be having their first match.

Now speaking of early morning cheers -- football fans will gather at several spots in Seoul regardless of the time difference, of course, on the big days for the Korean team? What's the latest plan from the Red Devils?

Absolutely. World Cup would be incomplete without the huge mass in red T-shirts shouting on the street here in Korea.
The Red Devils -- supporters of Korea's football team -- have announced that they will cheer for the footballers at Gwanghwanmun square for the group matches - instead of Seoul Plaza in front of City Hall.
Tens of thousands of people gathered at the Seoul Plaza has been a signature of Korea's football fever -- but that has been made impossible as there's a memorial altar set for the Sewol-ho ferry disaster perished in April's deadly sinking.
But after discussions, Seoul's metropolitan government approved the football supporters' request -- adding that they will put safety of the participating fans, first.
Those of you residing south of the Han River can head out to Yeongdongdaero-boulevard in Gangnam-gu District.
To give you an idea that's the 14-lane road stretching in front of bustling Samseong Station.

All right, cheering spots confirmed and World Cup to go into full swing as we head into next week.
I guess football fans here in Korea will be spending some sleepless nights cheering for Korea and their other favorite teams. Thank you very much for your coverage, Ji-sun.

I'll be back next week with the day's update. Have a great weekend.
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