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Memorial Day ceremony in Korea Updated: 2014-06-06 21:26:20 KST

In April 1956, three years after the end of the Korean War,… the South Korean government officially declared June 6th a national memorial holiday.
It would become a day to pay tribute to the hundreds of thousands of South Koreans who died during the Korean War and other major battles and conflicts.
The National Cemetery is the final resting place for over 1-hundred 72-thousand fallen heroes.

"Memorial Day is intended to pay respect to those who served as independence fighters during Japanese imperialism and the brave souls that lost their lives fighting to protect our freedoms during the Korean War. It's a day for friends and relatives of the deceased. It also gives us a chance look back and reflect on our wrongdoings."

Friday marks the 59th Memorial Day to be observed in Korea. Thousands of people, both young and old, gathered at the Seoul National Cemetery to pay tribute to the nation's fallen.
At 10 a.m. sharp, a siren sounds throughout the nation with a 21-gun salute…. This is a signal to begin a moment of silence to pay tribute to all those who have lost their lives fighting for Korea's freedom.

"I hope my daughter is as proud of her grandfather as she is of me."

To give further recognition to war veterans, President Park Geun-hye appointed five men that fought fiercely during the Korean War as men of national merit.
Kim Hyun-bin, Arirang News.
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fatboyme (USA) 2014-06-06 23:53:31 KST    

So sad.

fatboyme (USA) 2014-06-06 23:53:29 KST    

So sad.