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Expert analysis into June 4 election results Updated: 2014-06-05 20:34:04 KST

Expert analysis into June 4 election results
Now for a deeper analysis on where this week's local elections places the nation's future we're joined by Professor Kim Eun-mee of Ewha Womans University. Thanks for joining us so the ruling party took two out of three key posts in the Seoul metropolitan area. This despite projections the ruling party may face a big political loss for the government's insufficient handling of the ferry accident. What led voters in these particular regions to show confidence in the ruling party or was this success driven by the personality of the candidates?

Thanks for having me.

Even though both the ruling and the opposition parties fared in their respective traditional strongholds, the gap with the rival party or independents was significantly narrowed in the latest elections. Do you think this is a temporary occurrence in the aftermath of the Sewol-ho ferry disaster or is this a sign of changing political dynamics in Korea?

What's also worth mentioning from Wednesday's results is that 13 out of 17 elected educational superintendents are considered progressive. This seems to reflect the sentiment of parents following the recent ferry accident. What's your take on this?

What's next for President Park Geun-hye and her handling of state affairs now? Earlier today, she vowed to push forward with her economic and public reforms.

Alright Professor, thank-you for sharing your insights with us tonight.


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