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Symposium on President Park's vision for DMZ peace park Updated: 2014-05-29 06:28:57 KST

Symposium on President Park's vision for DMZ peace park

" It is with this vision in mind that I hope to work toward an international park inside the DMZ"

During her speech to U.S. Congress in 2013, President Park outlined her plan to create a 'peace park' within Korea's heavily fortifed demilitarized zone.
The area is a visible reminder of the the division of the two Koreas, but experts say the peace park could be a step forward to bringing them back together.

A group of experts gathered at a symposium in Seoul Wednesday to discuss practical ways to begin the Peace Park project.
Participating German experts spoke from experiences with their German Green Belt, a strip of land on the former inner-German border that has since been turned into a landmark, similar to what many envision the DMZ peace park could become.
The German participants said the DMZ project would emerge as a channel in bridging the two Koreas diplomatically.

"To move closer to a peaceful unification and to preserve the ecosystem in the zone, experts say BOTH Koreas need to be on the same page and take part in the project."

And that is the challenge.
Hans Schattle, a political science professor at Yonsei University, said that the project will be met with difficulties without the full cooperation of the two Koreas, the public and the international community.

"The South Korean initiative still has some work to do in terms of thinking out how to convince the U.S. and N. Korea that a DMZ Peace Park will not be de-stabilizing, and that the DMZ Peace Park will not trigger further conflict."

Shin Se-min, Arirang News.
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