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THU, 2014-10-23  KST

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Ebay forces users to change passwords after cyberattack

Updated: 2014-05-22 22:17:27 KST
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The Internet auction site "eBay" is urging millions of users to change their passwords and to be on the lookout for fraudulent transactions in the wake of a major cyberattack.
The U.S. company said on Wednesday that its corporate network and key database was hacked using stolen employee credentials.
The e-commerce site said that the hackers accessed personal information such as email addresses, birth dates, and encrypted passwords
The attack occurred between late February and early March. but was only discovered about two weeks ago.
An eBay spokesperson said there is no evidence to suggest that credit card details were stolen but declined to comment on exactly how many accounts were compromised.
The company added that its continuing to investigate the breach with assistance from law enforcement agencies..
Ebay has more than 1-hundred-40 million registered users in 1-hundred-90 countries.

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fatboyme (USA) 2014-05-23    

Here we go again.