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Samsung's future management without Lee Kun-hee Updated: 2014-05-22 20:03:30 KST

  Samsung's future management without Lee Kun-hee
And speaking of Samsung it's been nearly two weeks since the chairman of Samsung Electronics Lee Kun-hee was hospitalized after suffering a heart attack, but there hasn't been any news of him recovering consciousness.

And this is raising questions about the challenges Samsung may face without his leadership.
After all, the sales of Samsung Group account for almost a quarter of Korea's GDP.
So, Ji-hye, will Samsung take a major hit without him at the helm?

Not according to some of the experts I've talked to.
They say that's because of the SYSTEM, the DNA that Samsung has built over the past 20 years.
And that's what James Rooney from Advanced Capital Partners said on this show as well, right?
And there's also the fact that Samsung Group is not micro-managed by Lee at this point.
But in the long-term, experts say Samsung might face challenges as chairman Lee was the one who sets up the big picture and pushes through radical changes and gets it done fast.
It took less than 2 years for Chairman Lee Kun-hee to transform all of the group when he was trying to catch up with Apple when Apple came out with the iPhone.
But now, there's a big question mark hovering over the head of heir apparent Lee Jae-yong, chairman Lee's son, who will have to fill the shoes of his father.

"I'm not quite sure if Jae-yong Lee succeeds his role, he would be able to show that much of a leadership which will drive the entire entity to cope with the changes."

Some pundits also point to the fact that Jae-yong has no major accomplishments to speak of in the 10 years. since he began taking part in management decisions.
In fact, in 2000, Jae-yong was leading 14 Internet venture companies, as the largest shareholder of e-Samsung.
Just one year later, all of them were bankrupt.
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