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Follow-up measures initiated after President Park Geun-hye's televised address Updated: 2014-05-20 22:53:50 KST

 Follow-up measures initiated after President Park Geun-hye's televised address
The government wasted no time initiating follow-up measures to President Park Geun-hye's package of remedies to ensure another disaster like the Sewol-ho ferry accident does not happen in the future.
As her address wrapped Monday, officials led by Presidential Chief of Staff Kim Ki-choon broke President Park's remedies into five main sectors and 27 measures in total.
The main sectors are: the restructuring of government, reforming how government officials are appointed, proposing a special law to the National Assembly authorizing the establishment of a fact-finding committee into the ferry disaster, the establishment of a national safety ministry, and the establishment of a monument and a People's Safety Day on April 16th -- the day of the ferry disaster.
President Park singled out corruption as the main factor undermining the country's safety standards, saying it created an atmosphere where the ferry could sink and take so many lives with it.

I will make sure retired public employees cannot head public organizations or affilates or to auditory positions. I will triple the number of public organizations barred from employing retired public employees.
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Prime Minister Chung Hong-won called for all-out efforts Tuesday to revamp the country's safety management system and root out corruption among public officials.
A large number of state-run organizations are headed by retired public employees that have worked in firms and organizations related to their former responsibilities.
These officials have been described as part of a "bureaucratic mafia" because of their tendency to have collusive ties with those they were supposed to supervise or regulate.
According to the state-run provider of public information, Alio, 51 out of 153 heads of public organizations or roughly one-third could be categorized as bureaucratic mafia.
President Park is expected to carry out a government reshuffle including hiring a new prime minister after she returns from her three-day trip from the United Arab Emirates later this week.
Kim Ji-yeon, Arirang News.
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