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Prosecutors summon owner of ferry operator for questioning Updated: 2014-05-16 10:04:39 KST

They are the elusive Yoos and investigators are after them.
First, meet the father---
73-year-old, business tycoon, Yoo Byung-eun. [ ]
He's been called the "millionaire with no face" by local media as he rarely appears in public.*
Yoo is seen as the de facto owner of the ferry's operator, Chonghaejin Marine Company.
Although investigators say he received 15-million won, or about 14-thousand U.S. dollars a month from the company for the past 10 years, Mr. Yoo has denied any involvement.
However, it's believed he controlled the company through his two sons.
Yoo Dae-gyun and Yoo Hyuk-gi actually control Chonghaejin Marine Company through a web of affliates and various cross-share holdings. *

With all that they have, the family faces a slew of accusations, including embezzlement, tax evasion and raising illegal offshore funds.
Prosecutors believe these allegations tie into the careless operation of the ferry company, which eventually led to the deaths of more than 300 people.

Investigators want to know if the Yoo family knew about the sloppy management of the ferry. The probe into their businesses and assets will have bearing on due compensation for victims and surviving families affected by the ferry disaster. *
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nicky1999 (USA) 2014-05-18 11:50:47 KST    

they should be ashamed of herself all those children died for no reason whatsoever it can really make you sick to know that all those children that passed away nobody in that company cares about them nobody. And that's a damn shame they should be discussed with themselves who were ever involved in such a gross of murder. God bless those family members they will never be right and that is a damn shame. my good gracious ;/

nicky1999 (USA) 2014-05-18 11:44:51 KST    

it's all a web of lies.the whole entire family is a web of lies it's nothing but I lies after lies after lies the web of lies