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FRI, 2014-10-31  KST

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President Park Geun-hye to make public address on Sewol-ho ferry disaster soon

Updated: 2014-05-12 06:27:23 KST
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We start with the latest on the Sewol-ho ferry disaster
President Park Geun-hye will soon make a public statement on the tragedy.
This was decided at a hastily-arranged closed-door meeting with her senior secretaries on Sunday.
The roughly three-hour meeting took the form of a debate, instead of a briefing, in order to gather various opininons on how to make the nation safer, amid the ongoing uproar about the government's handling of the disaster.
Presidential spokesperson Min Kyung-wook said the meeting focused on how to enhance the country's safety system.
A specific date for the president's announcement was not mentioned, but it's likely to come soon as Friday will mark one month since the sinking.

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