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Korean ferry disaster: Day 25 Updated: 2014-05-09 22:48:16 KST

  Korean ferry disaster: Day 25
At sea rescuers haven't given up their search operations for those still missing in the Sewol-ho ferry disaster.
And on land the investigation is turning up even more evidence against the ferry operator.
Let's go straight to our Kim Ji-yeon , who's been following this story closely from the beginning.
Ji-yeon, what we're learning is again calling into question the decisions made in the initial response to the disaster.

Findings suggest some victims tried to escape the ferry right before it went under.
Rescuers found bodies in a cabin on the fifth floor that was accessible only to crew members and was intially thought not to be occupied by any passengers.
It is presumed the victims fled to higher locations as water filled up the ferry.
If the initial rescue attempt was better handled, these victims could have been saved.

It's even more heart-breaking because apparently there's more evidence now that suggests an evacuation was never on the minds of the captain and crew.

The first mate of the ferry told authorities that he had contacted the ferry operator several times letting them know that the vessel was listing.
And during the calls, which lasted for about half-an-hour in total, the ferry operator did not even once mention the need to initiate an emergency escape for the safety of the passengers.

And the man we have been calling the de facto owner of the ferry operator who's denied a strong direct connection to the company is actually in fact more involved than he's letting on.

The investigative team found evidence that the Chonghaejin Marine Company paid Yoo Byung-eun monthly wages of nearly 10-thousand U.S. dollars a month AND consultation fees, for nearly a year.
Yoo has claimed that he was not involved in the company's management.
But this finding gives prosecutors grounds to charge Yoo for negligent homicide -- just like they have for the CEO of Chonghaejin Marine.
They plan to summon Yoo for questioning next week.

Thank you Ji-yeon.
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