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Rescue operations and investigations for Sewol-ho ferry: Day 24 Updated: 2014-05-09 12:00:24 KST

Rescue operations and investigations for Sewol-ho ferry: Day 24
We start where we have for the last three weeks the Sewol-ho ferry disaster.
The Korean government is making moves to revoke the business license of the operator of the sunken ferry.
Let's bring you up to speed - our Connie Kim joins us live from the newsroom.
Connie, so the ferry operator will no longer be able to do business, am I correct?

Well, Conn-young, the move to revoke the business license of Chonghaejin Marine Company, comes after all the recent findings that point to negligence on the part of the captain and crew of the Sewol-ho ferry.
Two more witnesses told authorities earlier this Friday, that the captain and the crew who were in the ship's steering room at the time of the accident did not fulfill their duties in helping passengers to safety.

Given the scale of the disaster, the government response should be measured I suppose.
As for the search for missing passengers, where do things stand?

Well, four bodies were recovered on Thursday, pushing the confirmed death toll to 2-hundred-73, with thirty-one people still missing.
Today is the last day of neap tide period, during which currents will be at their calmest.
Divers will spend Friday searching through the fourth floor and fifth floors where most of the missing passengers are presumed to have been.
According to authorities Thursday, two-thirds of the high school students recovered were found on the fourth floor where the students' rooms were located.
Ninety percent of them were found wearing life jackets.
This means that, if they had been instructed to get off the ferry, a lot more could survived.

That's probably the saddest part of the disaster for most people the fact that.. if the captain and crew were responsible, this disaster may not be as large in scale. That's a focal point of the investigations, and we have new developments there as well.

Right, the local Gwangji district court is reviewing a request for an arrest warrant for Kim Han-sik , the president of Chonghaejin Marine Company who was arrested yesterday.
A decision is expected this afternoon.
Kim is currently facing three charges including negligent homicide and overloading the ferry with cargo.
The investigative team is trying to determine whether Kim knew about the vessel's problems but continued operations, regardless, for the sake of profits.
They will also look into whether Kim talked to the crew on board the Sewol-ho ferry at the time of the accident, to figure out whether he ordered an evacuation.
With regard to key figures related to Yoo Byung-eun, the former Seomo Group chairman, prosecutors are seeking to force them into Korea with the help of FBI.
Yoo Byung-eun and his first son may be summoned first, which is expected to be next week.

And a new source of tension has developed between the families of victims and one of the nation's state-owned broadcasters.
Tell us about that.

On Thursday, it was reported that Kim Si-gon , the news bureau chief at the Korean Broadcasting System or KBS, said the number of people killed in the sinking is not that significant when you consider the number of people who die in traffic accidents every year.
KBS denied Kim made the remarks, which obviously angered the families of the victims.
They headed straight to KBS headquarters on Thursday to demand an apology and that Kim be fired.

"We want to resolve this by having a conversation. You have no idea how long we've been waiting here."

The news bureau chief has not gone outside to meet with the families.
The broadcasting company is giving a press briefing as we speak.
We'll have the details on what they said later.
The anger among victims' families prompted some of them to try and move on to the presidential office of Cheong Wa Dae, but they were blocked by police.
About two-hundred families of the victims have been requesting a face-to-face talk President Park Geun-hye.
Instead senior presidential secretary for political affairs Park Joon-woo met with them.
That's all for now, back to you Conn-young.
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