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Korean ferry disaster: day 23 Updated: 2014-05-08 20:33:23 KST

Korean ferry disaster: day 23
Search continues both for the missing passengers of the sunken ferry and who was responsible for what part of the mishap.
Kim Ji-yeon, who's been covering this story since the story first broke joins us with the latest.
Ji-yeon, so tell us about the government's efforts to stop the ferry operator from continuing operations.

The government is trying to revoke the business license of the ferry operator given all these recent findings that point to negligence on the part of the captain and crew of the Sewol-ho ferry.
And two more witnesses told authorities earlier today, that the captain and the crew who were in the ship's steering room did not fulfill their duties to help the passengers to safety.

And CEO of the ferry operator, Kim Han-sik was arrested today, on multiple charges that include negligent homicide.

That's right.
Prosecutors have been working their way up to this arrest.
The investigative team argues that the overloading of cargo on the ferry would not have been possible without Kim's approval.
They are trying to prove that the ferry operator knew about the vessel's problems but continued business for the sake of profits.

And unfortunately the tally of the missing has remained unchanged for over 24 hours now. I understand difficult weather conditions have hampered the diving efforts.

Search operations inside the ferry were suspended for most of the day due to strong currents.
So the search team operating in the air decided to expand its coverage to as far as 80 kilometers away from the ferry site over concerns that some bodies may have drifted away from the ship.
And I've mentioned this before but it's really getting dangerous for all those involved in the search.
More than 20 divers have been taken to a nearby hospital after showing symptoms of decompression sickness, a diver's disease that includes acute pain and paralysis, raising calls for more measures to ensure the safety of civilian search divers.

Certainly hoping that we don't see any more casualties from the rescue team. Thank you, Ji-yeon.
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