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Latest revelations on Sewol-ho ferry accident Updated: 2014-05-08 11:57:28 KST

Latest revelations on Sewol-ho ferry accident
We start with the latest on the Sewol-ho ferry disaster -- now into the twenty-third day of search operations.
For the latest on the recovery operation and the ongoing investigations we go live to our Connie Kim at the News Center.
Connie, fill us in

Well Conn-young, today is Parent's Day in Korea and at Paengmok-hang Harbor, which is the closest land area to the accident site, the parents of the missing continue to wait for their children to return to them.
No additional bodies have been found since one victim was recovered Wednesday morning.
Currently the confirmed death toll stands at 269, with 35 still unaccounted for.
The search efforts resumed early this morning after being suspended for about 20 hours due to harsh weather conditions.
Divers have now succeeded in entering the kitchen on the third floor and the central part on the fourth floor where most of the victims are presumed to have been at the time of the accident.
Although not much progress was made yesterday the tides are at their calmest right now giving divers a better chance at recovering more bodies.
They'll have similar conditions at 7 this evening.
Officials say the rescue team will attempt to comb through the 64 cabins once more including restrooms, a cafeteria and 47 common areas.
The search outside the ferry has expanded,.. increasing up to 80 kilmometers from the accident site.
So far the rescue team has found four items belonging to victims, items like shoes and clothing,.. on Jindo island.

Sounds like an extremely difficult time down there for the search crews who must be exhausted. The investigations into the sinking are ongoing what's new on that front?

Well, Conn-young a representative of the Chonghaejin Marine Company, Kim Han-sik was arrested earlier this morning on charges of homicide by negligence.
The prosecution had issued an arrest warrant last night for Kim, who is now being transported down to the Incheon District Prosecutors' Office for questioning.
And, it seems it'll be difficult for Yoo Byung-eun, the former Seomo Group chairman, to avoid facing charges.
The Prosecution have found an organizational chart which was used secretly among employees within the company, a chart that shows evidence that links Yoo to the business operations of the company.
Yoo formerly denied overtaking any official positions within the company and having any company shares.
Also, a 10 a.m. deadline for some of Yoo Byung-eun's closest aides came and went at a little over two hours ago with none showing up.
One of the those who were due to appear was Yoo's second son who is abroad.
He may now be forced into the country with the help of the FBI and Yoo Byung-eun and his first son may be summoned first.
Also, captain Lee Joon-seok and the Sewol-ho's key crew members may face another charge for neglecting to answer an attendants' question on whether to direct passengers to get off the ferry.
The joint investigation team will look into whether there were any technical problems and whether the captain and his crew members did not answer intentionally.

This shouldn't have been repeated.. but the number of survivors and mssing has been changed yet again Tell us more about that

The Coast Guard has once again changed its previous data of the rescued and the missing.
The chief explained that they believe additional Chinese passengers were on board, with the rescued being adjusted from 174 to 172, and the missing passengers standing at 304 from 302.

"The reason why the number has gone up is because we found credit card reciepts from two Chinese nationals who weren't on the passenger list."

The problem here is, that the Coast Guard has confirmed two additional passengers but did not release the increased number of missing.
So far they have released the number of victims but not the missing and said it has taken some time to track down the exact number of missing.
Well, this is all I have for now, back to you Conn-young.
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