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SUN, 2015-08-30 KST

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Ferry disaster: Confirmed dead at 236, officials say most compartments searched Updated: 2014-05-03 19:27:27 KST

Turning now to the latest on the Sewol-ho ferry disaster.
Search and rescue efforts are now into the eighteenth day with the confirmed death toll now standing at 236 people--- SIX more bodies were recovered today, but 66 people remain unaccounted for.
Officials say most of the compartments -- 60 out of the 64 places -- where passengers are expected to be have been searched.
Divers are now trying to speed up recovery efforts for the left side of the ship, of the fourth floor.
Many of the cabins of the young passengers on that ship are there but search efforts were hampered in that area because of debris and other floating objects in that area.
Officials are also looking beyond the ship, as a body was found yesterday nearly 4-kilometers away from the ferry.
Rescue officials say they hope to finish searching through all compartments by next Saturday.
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