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Two subway trains collide in Seoul, around 200 injured Updated: 2014-05-02 22:07:27 KST

  Two subway trains collide in Seoul, around 200 injured
Now onto another accident that occured Friday afternoon, here in Seoul.
Two subway trains crashed leaving around 200 people injured.
Let's go directly to our Kwon So-a to tell us what happened.
So-a how serious was the situation?

The accident caused quite a stir, since as you said around 200 people were injured in what was a transport accident just two weeks after the tragic Sewol-ho ferry disaster.
No one was killed, but at least two are said to have suffered bone fractures, and one of the drivers involved in the accident, was seriously injured.
Most of the injuries are reportedly minor, and over 160 returned home, while others are still getting medical help at hospitals near the accident site.
To give you a rundown of the incident, a subway train traveling on Line 2, that was heading from Sangwangsimni Station to Seongsu Station, crashed into a stationary train, at around 3:30 p.m. Korea time.
Witnesses in the second train said it was slowing down, and stopped and started a number of times before it crashed with a loud bang, into the subway car ahead of it.
Passengers said they did not receive any instructions nor did they hear any announcements for about twenty minutes, causing a lot of confusion and chaos.
And some of them actually said they had to force open the doors themselves.
Passengers were evacuated 30 minutes after the accident.
There are conflicting reports regarding announcements made to the passengers.

"People say there were no announcements made to flee."
"Announcements were made."
"When exactly was that?"
"We do not know the exact time yet, since we have yet to talk to the driver."

Do we know what caused the two trains to collide?

Seoul Metro authorities said they will first focus on the recovery process and ivestigations into the cause, will come next, but there is the possibility that the so-called automatic train stop system was not functioning properly, and that the driver in the second subway could not see the subway ahead of him, due to the curved tracks.

Soa, and on the same day a ferry bound for Dokdo Island had some problems tell us about that.

Yes, a ferry by the name Dolphin carrying around 400 passengers departed from the eastern island of Ulleung towards Dokdo Island had to return to its departing port due to an engine malfunction.
The Coast Guard said the engines failed after sailing for two hours.
Two 1,000-ton patrol ships have guided the ferry which had to sail with only one engine.
Plans for details of investigating the reason for the malfunction have begun upon arrival of the ship.
Thank you. We'll be right back.
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