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Latest on Korean ferry disaster Updated: 2014-05-02 22:02:31 KST

Latest on Korean ferry disaster
The search for missing passengers from the sunken Sewol-ho ferry continues into the 18th day
Let's turn to our Kim Ji-yeon at the news center.
Ji-yeon, one body was found earlier today, some four-and-a-half kilometers off the site.
And that's raising questions about whether the parameters of the search should be expanded.

That may be the case.
There are growing concerns that the bodies of the victims might never be found, as some were clearly carried away from the accident site by currents.
It's hard to predict which way the bodies may drift but also just how far the search area
may need to be expanded.
Some of the victims' belongings have been found as far as 30 kilometers away from the ferry.

And there was a senior employee of the ferry company who today admitted that he knew the firm was overloading their ships to the point of danger?

One of the employees that was questioned, admitted that he knew overloading cargo on the ferry could cause it to capsize.
The employee, identified as Kim, was in charge of loading cargo onto the Chonghaejin Marine Company's vessels.
Earlier in the probe, the captain of the ship apparently told prosecutors he had warned Kim that there was too much cargo.
So speculation is brewing, that the company simply chose not to heed those warnings for financial profits.
Authorities say more than 3-thousand 6-hundred tons of cargo was loaded onto the Sewol-ho ferry on April 16th three times more than its recommended capacity.

Speaking of the allegations of greed in this case, how is the investigation on Yoo Byung-eon going to progress?

A close aide to Yoo has been put into custody, for the first time in this investigation.
Song Gook-bin , the CEO of a cosmetics company called Dapanda was detained for embezzling funds worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Dapanda holds a large stake in Chonhaeji , which is the biggest shareholder of the ferry operator.
With Yoo behind bars, prosecutors are expected to speed up its probe into key figures connected to him.
An ultimatum was given to one of Yoo's sons to answer a summons by next Thursday after he refused to answer to summons for the second time, today.

Thank you, Jiyeon.

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