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TUE, 2015-08-04 KST

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North Korea conducts live fire drills near de facto maritime border Updated: 2014-04-29 16:03:36 KST

North Korea ratcheted up tensions on the peninsula once again earlier Tuesday afternoon in the form of live fire drills near the de facto inter-Korean maritime border.
The exercises, however, were short-lived, and lasted just about 10 minutes.
South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff has withdrawn evacuation orders for South Korean residents on five nearby border islands.
President Park Geun-hye had told the South Korean military to respond firmly should any North Korean artillery shell happen to land in South Korean territory.
There were none of those.
The two Koreas exchanged fire across the maritime border last month during a similar drill, after more than a hundred North Korean shells fell into South Korean waters.
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fatboyme (USA) 2014-04-30 02:32:20 KST    

What a mess that North Korea.