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Harsh weather conditions hampering search and rescue operation Updated: 2014-04-27 21:18:46 KST

Harsh weather conditions hampering search and rescue operation
The second weekend since the ferry accident is nearing the end.
It's been one rainy one with multiple factors blocking the divers way into the sunken ferry.
For the latest on the search operation, we now go to Arirang News' Song Ji-sun in Paengmokhang harbor.
Ji-sun, you've been standing in the rain all day.
Has there been any progress in the search for the missing?

Daniel, it's been raining for more than 24 hours now.
This rain is forecast until Tuesday and the weather has been a challenge to the search and rescue operation.
The wind is blowing at 10-meters per second and the tide has brought waves 2 meters high.
One body was recovered this Sunday, more than 24 hours after two female students from Danwon High School were recovered early Saturday.
That raises the confirmed death toll to 188, with 114 still unaccounted for.
Authorities have announced that they have finished searching almost half the compartments inside the ferry where victims are expected to remain.
They are now trying to get into cabins located in the center and to the left of the ferry's fourth deck, where the students were staying in big rooms.
But it is extremely hard for the divers, as they have several obstacles blocking their way.
The halls are blocked by curtains, bedding and other floating objects, not to mention the poor visibility inside the vessel.
There were plans to deploy a diving bell into the waters Saturday, but the equipment cannot be utilized with this strong current, which is moving at a speed of more than 2-meters per second.
That means divers can drift 120 meters in just a minute underwater.
In addition, most of the fishing boats and vessels involved in the operation have returned and are anchored here at Paengmokhang-harbor.
Authorities have revved up efforts to search for bodies that might have drifted far away from the accident site as one out of four bodies was recovered from outside the ferry so far.
Meanwhile, the government has announced they are preparing to lift the ferry out of the water, but only when the parents agree to end the search and rescue operaton.
I'm Song Ji-sun, reporting live from Paengmokhang harbor in Jindo.
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