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Mourners flock to Ansan Olympic Memorial Hall to offer their condolences Updated: 2014-04-27 18:35:07 KST

Mourners flock to Ansan Olympic Memorial Hall to offer their condolences
The city of Ansan has set up a memorial to the students and teachers from Danwon High School who died aboard the ill-fated ship and the site has attracted an endless stream of people wanting to say their goodbyes.
Ansan is the city most affected by the tragic Sewol-ho ferry accident because 248 of its students are either missing or presumed to have died in the disaster.
We now go over to our Connie Kim who is standing by at Ansan Olympic Memorial Hall.
What is the mood like there Connie?

Despite the gloomy weather today, endless people from all over the nation have come here to pay their respects and offer their condolences at Anan Olympic Memorial Hall today.
Although the line has shortened compared from early this morning students and adults dressed in black continue to visit even at this hour wanting to see the faces of the lost ones one last time.
Inside the alter I've seen many people break into tears as they laid flowers down, saying they still can't believe what happened to students who were so young.
The hall has set up portraits of the 143 Danwon High School students and teachers who died in the accident.
On a large screen set up on one side of the hall, text messages of condolence continue to come in sent from nationwide.
More than 75-thousand of these messages have been sent since the alter opened.
Outside the hall, mourners are leaving notes of condolence written on Post-its.
Here are some of what the visitors wrote:

"I wrote that I am praying that these children do not have to suffer pain or sadness when they are in heaven."

"I wrote that all of this is the fault of adults and that I hope such a tragic accident will never recur."

"I wrote, 'May God's blessings be with the deceased students and may all their wishes come true in heaven.'"

Now, going into the fifth day since the memorial has been set up, well over one-hundred-55-thousand people have come to pay their respects.

Now if any of our viewers want to visit the memorial, how can they get there?

The city of Ansan is doing all it can to facilitate transportation to the memorial hall.
There are shuttle buses running directly from Gojan subway station to Ansan Olympic Memorial Hall.
And with so many people traveling here, the city has extended bus services by two hours now running from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Starting Tuesday, an official memorial will be set up at Hwarang Park, which is about a 10-minute drive from the temporary memorial site.
All the victims of the tragic Sewol-ho accident will be laid to rest there, including the Danwon High school students and teachers who passed away in the disaster.
Memorials will also be set up in 17 cities and provinces throughout the nation.
The first memorial in Seoul is located at Seoul Plaza in front of City Hall and it opened to the public earlier this Sunday.
The alters will remain in place until all of those who died in the disaster are returned to their families in Ansan.
This has been Connie Kim, reporting live from Ansan Olympic Memorial Hall.
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