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Family members watch Prime Minister's resignation in silence Updated: 2014-04-27 10:23:40 KST

Family members watch Prime Minister's resignation in silence
It's been 12 straight days of waiting for families of those still unaccounted for from the sunken ferry.
Most have been camping out at Jindo Auditorium and with no word of any more bodies recovered today the mood cannot be good there.
For more on this, we go live to our Connie Lee on site Connie?

Conn-young. You're right, the mood is somber here on this Sunday afternoon.
It is gloomy outside with the rain falling, and inside here at the auditorium it is also gloomy with no word on recovered bodies for about 24-hours now.
There is a heavy silence here and you can only hear the news playing on the screen to my far right.
Now just about two hours ago, family members had their heads turned to that screen
{ } to watch the live press conference. held by Korea's Prime Minister.
As the Prime Minister announced his resignation people here watched quietly. absorbing his words, hearing his apology over the government's handling of the ferry disaster.
Soon after the press conference was over, we saw family members gather together in groups of 4 or 5 discussing amongst themselves quietly.
But the general mood.. is of sadness plus a bit of disappointment.
I talked to some people here and they say that their greatest concern right now.. is the search and recovery process, and whether their loved ones can be found today.
But they believe that the fact that the Prime Minister just called it quits before more than a hundred people are still found, was irresponsible of him.
I talked to one of the relatives of the missing and here is what he had to say:

"In my opinion, I think he resigned too soon. He could've resigned when the search and recovery process was over. The search operation is not even done yet, but he already quit. It seems like he's tossing the responsibility to someone else now."

So it's another voice of disappointment in the Korean government on their handling of this latest tragedy.
Family members are now fearful that no bodies will be recovered today.
Reporting live from the Jindo Auditorium, I'm Connie Lee.

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