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Day 10: Families hope for speedier search operations Updated: 2014-04-25 20:34:37 KST

Day 10: Families hope for speedier search operations
The higher the death toll gets, the fewer number of families there are at an auditorium in Jindo.
For the past 10 days, hundreds of devastated families of those missing in the ferry disaster have been camping out in this auditorium nearby the accident site.

Arirang's Connie Lee has been there, covering their story for the past few days and she joins us live.
Connie, tell us what the atmosphere is like there.

Hello, Conn-young.
Earlier this Friday evening there was a briefing by officials from the Coastguard, Navy and private divers, who are all directly involved in the search and recovery process.
It was held in their words to "clarify some misunderstandings." { }
Referring to a blueprint of the sunken ferry each official explained to the anguished family members here at the Jindo auditorium, that they are doing their best to retrieve all those still unaccounted for as soon as possible.
Most divers are apparently only getting about 2-to-3 hours of sleep each night, as they work around the clock.
Officials explained in detail, which areas of the ship they have entered and which areas of the ship they have yet to explore.
After some arguments from unsatisfied family members, the briefing ended in applause with family members thanking the divers for their work.
Now this sort of clarification from search and rescue officials comes a day after family members here exploded in anger.
{ } Late last night, the family members stormed out of the gym, and onto a bus to
head to the Paengmok-hang Harbor to confront search officials there. As you heard from Jisun earlier, there was a bit of a protest between family members of those still missing and search officials.
They were angry that search operations were slow and accused officials of not being transparent about their search procedures.
That's all I have for you right now, this has been Connie Lee. reporting live from the Jindo Auditorium.
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