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Korean ferry disaster: Families want speedier search operations on day 10 Updated: 2014-04-25 12:30:33 KST

Korean ferry disaster: Families want speedier search operations on day 10
The families of those still unaccounted for from the sunken ferry asked search crews to finish search operations by Thursday last night, but as one-hundred-twenty-one people are still missing it looks as though the search will take longer.
The amount of time this is taking has angered many of the family members, and there was a lot of commotion overnight at the Jindo gymnasium where the family members wait for word on the search operations.
Let's connect live to our Connie Lee at the gym- Connie? What's going on there right now?

Hey Conn-young unlike last night, it's been quiet here for the most part of today.
About a hundred or so families of those still unaccounted for remain here at this shelter and like many of the other days, they are spread out all across the gym floor on their thin mats and blankets.
They continue to keep watch on the two large monitors up at front.
They watch the news and real-time images of the search operations that are underway at the sunken ferry site. { }
Now today's calm
comes after a late night burst of anger from many of the families here who weren't satisifed with the day's search operations.
At one point before 10 P-M yesterday a large group of the family members stormed out of the gym and onto a bus headed to Paengmok-hang Harbor-- or the closest area to the sunken ferry site.
They went angry.. because family members had asked officials to finish search operations by Thursday but by late yesterday. only about ten bodies were recovered with more than a hundred-20 still missing.
Family members here say they feel like the officials aren't doing their best in finding their loved ones underwater.

This waiting has turned from days into more than a week now..
Family members wanting the bodies of their loved ones before they decompose too badly. They must be losing hope fast now that the weather is expected to worsen ?

They're trying not to lose too much hope- they have nothing else to hold onto. { }
They just want the bodies of their sons, daughters, wives and husbands out of that sunken ship as soon as possible.
I have been talking with a father who is looking for his 17-year-old son.. who attended Danwon High School-- or the school where most of the ferry passengers were from.
I'm going to mention a sad reality here--- the father says that from his son's homeroom class of 34 students only ONE student has survived.
Reporting live from the Jindo Gymnasium, This has been Connie Lee.

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