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Bomb threat at Korea University Ansan Hospital Updated: 2014-04-25 14:36:14 KST

Bomb threat at Korea University Ansan Hospital
We now have our Connie Kim standing by at Korea University Ansan Hospital, where most of the bodies recovered from the Sewol-ho ferry are transported.

Hi, Conn-young. The bodies of 24 Danwon High School students were released from the hospital to their families this morning. including a 17-year-old Korean-Russian student whose dream was becoming a professional swimmer and swimming for the Korean national team.
The crisis center in Jindo near the accident site has begun transporting the bodies to hospitals in Ansan, including this one by helicopter if the parents request it.
This cuts the transfer time to less than two hours, shortening the original time of about five.
And in another development to report as well, the city of Ansan and Gyeonggi-do province are looking into designating a student on board the Sewol-ho ferry who first called the Coast Guard for emergency help as a Good Samaritan, as he helped save the lives of 174 people.
The student's body was recovered from the Sewol-ho ship on Thursday.
If he is bestowed with the honor, he would be eligible for burial at Seoul National Cemetery and his family would receive special benefits.
As of now a total of 137 Danwon High School students and teachers are confirmed to be dead.

A bomb threat was received by the hospital. What do we know about that?

Yes, a note was received that said that, if Korea University Ansan Hospital prevented hospitalized students from going to the memorial alter to pay their last respects,.. the hospital be bombed.
More than a dozen notes saying the same thing were found near a subway station here.
The hospital had originally restricted students who are receiving medical treatment from going to Ansan Olympic Memorial Hall where the altar is set up.
But the hospital said during a press briefing held this morning, that students may be able to go in groups after their release.
Police are now reviewing CCTV taken from near the subway station, but no bombs or unidentified items have been discovered.
Meanwhile, Danwon high school students that were scheduled to be released yesterday remain in hospital.
The hospital says it's considering whether to release students on the same day. upon the request of the parents and students.
The hospital says some students may be released as early as today.
This has been Connie Kim, reporting live from Korea University Ansan Hospital.
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