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LIVE, Sewol-ho ferry: Anger and frustration burst at Jindo gymansium Updated: 2014-04-24 21:49:33 KST

LIVE, Sewol-ho ferry: Anger and frustration burst at Jindo gymansium
The families have asked search crews to find all those that remain missing by the end of today, but as more than a hundred are still unaccounted for it looks as though search operations will take longer. Now this is angering many of the family members tonight--
And it looks like there was a bit of commotion there just moments ago-- for more on this, we connect on the phone with COnnie Lee who is at Jindo gymansium or the shelter where families wait to hear any news on the search and recovery operation--- Connie, what's been going on there tonight?

You-sun and Daniel-
I'm reporting live from outside the Jindo gymnasium
Here on-site we had a bit of unexpected commotion break out.
It's about 10:15 PM right now here in Korea
and about an hour ago all media personnel were ordered to leave the gym because the families of those still missing had to hold a meeting amongst themselves.
And then after about half an hour we saw a large shuttle bus pull up to the gym and then family members running outside to get on the bus.
We heard word that they wanted to head to the Paengmok-hang harbor They wanted to see the search and recovery operation themselves.. and see with their own eyes if seach operations are thoroughly being done.
But then a little while after, the parents all came out of the bus and went inside the gym. Apparently-- an official told them to wait here, inside the Jindo gym for more updates on the search and recovery operation at the sunken ferry site.
All of this comes as parents have been expressing frustration this evening that more than a hundred-20 bodies were still missing on this 9th day.
Families of those still unaccounted for from the sunken ferry asked officials to finish search operations by TONIGHT before weather worsens.. it hasn't.
That's all i have for right now this has been Connie Lee, reporting live from the Jindo gymansium.

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