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Families hope bodies from sunken ferry are recovered by Thursday Updated: 2014-04-24 18:06:09 KST

  Families hope bodies from sunken ferry are recovered by Thursday
The epicenter of grief and frustration over the past 9 days has been the Jindo Indoor Auditorium, where families of those missing from the sunken ferry STILL wait to hear word about their loved ones.
For more on the situation at the Jindo gymnasium we go live to our Connie Lee. Connie, how is it there right now?

Hey You-sun
The family members of those still missing have asked officials to finish search operations by tonight--- but that appears unlikely,.. since more than a 130 people are still unaccounted for.
You can see behind me, the families wait for any news from the search site-- and on this Thursday evening, there are about a hundred family members left. Much less than the 300- who were here in the first few days of search and resue.
{ } It's been quiet here for the most part unlike the situation at the Paengmok-hang Harbor or where are reporter Ji-sun is.
I have been talking with a father today who is still looking for his one and only son
and all he says is that he wants his son out of that ship as soon as possible.
Although hopes for finding any survivor is dim what I can tell you is that for family members still waiting here they do have a glimmer of hope that their loved one could be found alive.
Now those families who left this gym are those who had their loved one confirmed dead.
But those still remaining heresay they can't help but not lose hope.

Families have been living at the gym for over a week now. How are things being run there-- ?

There are hundreds of volunteers inside the gym and outside of the gym right now. Around the clock-- { }
there are doctors and nurses checking up on the family members who are of course dealing with a lot of stress. There are also other volunteers who are cleaning up inside and outside the gym and providing people here with blankets and clothes.
We also have different food companies offering meals, snacks and drinks.
And not only are there Korean volunteers there are also many foreigners pitching in to lend a helping hand.
Just outside, there are people from Turkey offering up Turkish kebabs. There's a sign at their table that says.. in Korean that they wish for the safe return of all those still missing.
Reporting live from the Jindo gymnasiu This has been Connie Lee.
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