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TUE, 2015-03-31 KST

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Investigations continue on crew members and company Updated: 2014-04-24 13:12:57 KST

A joint investigation by the police and prosecutors is ongoing into the captain, crew members and the owner of the marine company is currently underway
And, with the Korean public following the probe very closely, much attention is on the daily findings of the investigation team.
For more details, we now connect live our Connie Kim at the newscenter. Connie, what are we learning of late?

Hi, Conn-young.
Remember the fifteen rescued crew members that left the capsizing Sewol-ho ferry, some or maybe even all of the eleven crew members that have been taken into custody could face charges.
This includes the detained captain who is charged with five offenses including the violation of the ship crew law.
The prosecution is looking into whether the crew could be charged with what's called "negligent homicide."
This refers to death caused by the inaction of the defendant.
During the investigation process, some of the crew have reportedly shown signs of regret--admitting to their mistakes and saying they should have taken rescue measures.
And it's not just the crew under probe, the owner of the Sewol-ho ferry, Chonghaejin Marine Company is also under fire.
Following the raid of the offices and homes of the company owner Yoo Byung-eon and its headquarters Wednesday, the prosecution is looking into whether Chonghaejin Marine Company had used its funds for lobbying purposes.
The company's audit report last year shows that its entertainment expenses since 2001 had amounted to over nine-hundred thousand U.S. dollars.
The prosecution is looking into both Chonghaejin Marine Company and its affiliate Chonhaiji to review how these expenses were used. with speculation that some of it may have gone toward lobbying lawmakers to increase their assets.

Some very serious allegations flying around at the moment and Connie, we hear the government will launch a review of all disaster countermeasures.
Tell us more about that.

Right, Conn-young.
The disaster control tower has announced plans to review its disaster countermeasure manuals in all ministries.
This comes on the heels of criticism that the Coast Guard and government were slow in their response to the sinking and raising speculation the emergency procedure and command chain failed to operate properly.
During a ministerial level meeting Thursday, Prime Minister Chung Hong-won said a 'safety innovation master plan' should be made.
He suggested private safety personnel be consulted to come up with a practical plan.
This comes after President Park Geun-hye slammed the government's slow rescue operations early this week, calling for the review of the entire disaster and emergency response systems.
Calls are rising as well for the presidential office of Cheong Wa Dae to take over the nation's disaster control tower.
An official from the presidential office implied that the government's countermeasures will be announced in the coming weeks and months after all the facts about the disaster have been settled.
Legislation has also been introduced that will make it illegal for captains without first-class sailing licenses to sail vessels weighing more than six,tons.
The Sewol-ho came in at nearly 7-thousand tons.
The captain of the Sewol-ho ferry, Lee Joon-seok, holds a second-class sailing license, which is allowed under current regulations.
That's all for me for now, back to you in the studio.
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