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Latest on investigation: Additional crew members arrested Updated: 2014-04-23 21:01:59 KST

Latest on investigation: Additional crew members arrested
As we find out more about what exactly happened at the time of the accident, anger continues to grow among families of the victims.
Our Yoo Li-an joins us here in the studio to tell us more.

Good evening, let me give you a brief recap of what happened during the time of the accident,.. based on what the maritime police have said.
All 15 crew members, along with the captain, had been hiding in the steering room until the the rescue team arrived.
In that room,.. there were 16 life boats but not one of them was even touched -- even though passengers in the room right across from the steering room was calling out for help and to be rescued.
As soon as the rescue boats arrived,.. the crew were the first ones to get on,.. while a coast guard official got on the sinking ship and tried to release the life floats.
The official was able to kick two of the life floats into the sea.
Now along with the comments from the martime police,.. screenshots of the site of the accident confirmed these reports,.. but they are claiming otherwise.
Take a look.

"We tried but couldn't get near the life floats. We really did try but it was so slippery that we couldn't get there."

Very shocking indeed. We have also learned that the 11 out of 15 crew members, along with the captain, have been arrested.

That's right.
The crew members, of course including the captain, have been taken into custody, with some possibly facing negligent homicide charges.
The charge carries a three-year jail sentence, and is being is placed on those who have failed to carry out rescue operations resulting in deaths.
Now as intense investigations continue,.. -- some of the crew have reportedly shown signs of regret -- admitting to their mistakes and some,..are receiving hospital treatment after convey severe psychological distress.

Li-an, it seems like everyone is passing along the blame. The families have been pointing their fingers at the government's response,.. as well as the crew members during and following the accident, but now the ferry's operator, the Chonghaejin Marine Company, is also under fire. Tell us more.

That's right.
The prosecutors seem to think the fundamental reason for the sinking of the Sewol-ho ferry lies with its operator.
Earlier this week, officials from the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries said the Chonghaejin Marine Company was negligent regarding safety checks on the ferry.
Investigators are looking into the possibility that the practical owner, Yoo Byung-eon lobbied his way into getting out of those safety checks.
A joint investigation team earlier today raided some 10 offices and homes of Yoo,.. as well as the headquarters of the Chonghaejin Marine Company, here in Seoul.
Now there is another investigation taking place simultaneously -- the joint investigation team also began preparations for a simulation that takes into account wind, ocean currents, freight, and modifications made to the ship in order to figure out the exact cause of the accident.
It announced that it will finish setting up a team of experts and will begin the process as early as tomorrow morning.
The Incheon Prosecution office has also carried out a special inspection on the ferries anchored at the Incheon port including check-ups on the escape equipment, emergency drills and emergency exit doors.

Thank-you Li-an for your report.
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