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Live updates from Jindo gymnasium Updated: 2014-04-23 14:00:12 KST

Live updates from Jindo gymnasium
It's been a devastating and torturous week for the families of the missing with nothing to do but wait for any news of their sons and daughters who were on-board the ill-fated ferry.
The families have been staying at a gymnasium near the accident site in Jindo where our Hwang Ji-hye joins us live.

There are now noticeably fewer families here at the Jindo gymnasium now as more bodies are being discovered and identified.
The families are leaving to tend to their lost loved ones at Paengmok-hang Harbor and to the hospital.
As soon as families confirm that the recovered bodies are their children, they rush out of the gymnasium looking very shaky and horrified.
The atmosphere is very heavy here, with many of the families just helplessly looking at a television screen showing a list of descriptions of the newly discovered bodies.
The families that are still here, however, are clinging on to hope that survivors will be found.
There are notes at the entrance of the gymnasium, and one of them reads,. "Come back soon honey, so we can have dinner together."
Families of the missing have not given up.

And trying to offer them some sort of comfort and support volunteers from across the nation are gathering at this auditorium Tell us about them..

Yes, with the whole country waiting for news of survivors,
hundreds of volunteer workers came to the Jindo gymnasium to support the families here who are going through the most difficult time of their lives.

"I'm also a parent. I don't know how much these supplies can heal the sorrow of the families, but since they're sent from across the nation, I'm working day and night to distribute them to the families, hoping they will provide at least a little comfort for them."

"I came today to support the families here. And because there were already so many volunteer workers, I feel bad that I can't help them more."

Frustrations have boiled over yet again, with the families saying descriptions of the newly discovered bodies were not detailed enough, slowing the procedure of identifying the bodies.
A Coast Guard official promised the families at the podium this morning that authorities will do their best to give precise information.
Scores of bodies have not sent back home yet.
This has been Hwang Ji-hye reporting live from the Jindo Gymnasium.
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