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'Til the end, teacher puts students' lives before hers in sinking ferry Updated: 2014-04-23 20:59:05 KST

 'Til the end, teacher puts students' lives before hers in sinking ferry
In the last desperate moments before the ship was going down a daughter texts her mother.
"Mom, the ship is sinking."
In shock and confused, the mother calls her daughter, [ ] Jeon Su-young right away.

" ' , ' . ."
[ : "I told her, 'hurry wear a life vest.' But all she said was 'mom, the students are all wearing life vests.' Now that I think about it, this meant that students had life vests on, while she didn't."]

To her boyfriend, Su-young texts him that, "there are no life vests I'm sorry."
The boyfriend calls her immediately, but they hang up after 12 seconds on the line.
Su-young tells him that she needs to call her students' parents.

" ."
[ : "She said the ship was sinking and that she had to quickly get all her students in life vests. We hung up shortly after. She said her battery was running low, and that she needed to call her students' parents."]

Her last words to her boyfriend "I love you" and "Thank-you."
It was Su-young's second year as a homeroom teacher at Danwon High School.
And as for the school's yearly field trip --- this one to Jeju Island on the [ ] Sewol-ho ferry, was her first.
Her room remains untouched since the day she left for the ill-fated trip.
Her bike too remains parked waiting for Su-young to return.
Apparently her grandmother is also waiting for her granddaughter to come home safely.

" . . ."
[ : "Her grandmother still believes that she is alive. She says that her granddaughter is safely inside the ship. She continues to believe that."]

But as much as there is sadness over the loss her mother is also proud of her daughter who put the lives of her students before her own.
Connie Lee, Arirang News.
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