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Investigations on those charged responsible for ferry accident get tough Updated: 2014-04-23 12:01:21 KST

As the death toll continues to rise anger and frustration is growing among the families of the victims and the missing, who want to know who is to blame for this man-made disaster.
With that, the investigation into those who have been charged in connection with the accident is intensifying.
For more on this, we connect live to our Kwon Soa, at the news center.
Soa, the operator of the Sewol-ho ferry is being looked into very carefully and is under suspicion of a number of illegal activities and actions.

Yes, we learned a few hours ago that prosecutors raided at least 10 locations related to Yoo Byung-eon, the former chairman of the operator`s parent firm.
They include his home and a church he founded.
Financial watchdogs have been looking into possible illegal foreign exchange trading and tax evasion.
The National Tax Service launched a special probe Tuesday into four firms that are closely related to the ferry's operator, Chonghaejin Marine Company and imposed travel bans on 30 related personnel.
The Yoo family was banned from traveling out of the country this past Sunday.
The family reportedly has around 240 million dollars worth of assets and Yoo is said to have established 13 overseas corporate branchesand used them to snowball the family's assets.
Investigations are ongoing, and will also be conducted to determine whether the operator was involved in lobbying high-ranking officials in an attempt to skirt regular safety inspections.

Soa, and the one man with some of the biggest questions to answerthe captain of Sewol-ho and the crew members may be charged with "murder by omission." Tell us what that means.

Yes, Connyoung, as you probably remember, "akin to murder" was how President Park Geun-hye described the actions of the captain, Lee Joon-seok, and the crew members.
And now, investigators are examining whether they could be charged with homicide by omission which can be pressed in the case of death caused by inaction by the defendant.
The joint investigation of prosecutors and police as well as the justice ministry said on Tuesday they will inspect the legal principles.
Captain Lee is currently charged with five offenses.
They include negligence and violating ship crew law which requires the crew to remain on the vessel, until all passengers escape.
To be charged with murder by omission, it will have to be determined that Lee and or the crew members were willfully negligent, meaning that, although they didn't intend to kill the passengers, they didn't care whether they lived or died.
This was Kwon Soa reporting live from the Arirang News Center.
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