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Death toll rises but no news of survivors Updated: 2014-04-23 09:03:50 KST

We are onto our eighth day of search and rescue operations into the sunken Sewol-ho ferry.
But so far, there has been no news of any survivors and the death toll has fastly risen to 139.
So this puts the number of missing at 163 and the number of survivors still at 174
Let's go straight to our Hwang Sung-hee at Paengmok-hang harbor, the nearest port from the accident site.
Sung-hee, what's the latest?

Jin-joo, a week has now passed since the Sewol-ho ferry capsized and we have not found a single survivor since the day of the sinking.
The death toll is rising by the hour.
Most of the bodies have been identified and many of them are students from Danwon High School.
Still, 163 people remain missing inside the sunken ship and nearly 90 percent of them are students.
Family members of the missing have been camping out here at the Paengmok-hang harbor and they are growing restless.
Even in the early hours of the morning, I saw many of them sitting by the shore, staring blankly into the water.

But, the search operations are continuing this morning Do we see any progress?

The rescue team succeeded in entering the vessel's cafeteria on the third floor yesterday afternoon more than a day after they secured a route there.
That's where many of the passengers are believed to have been at the time of the sinking because it was breakfast time when the ferry started to list.
The rescue team is planning to focus their search on the third and fourth floors of the vessel.
The fourth floor, where the cabins are, is another area that authorities expect passengers to have been when the ship capsized.
More than 200 rescue boats, 34 aircraft and some 550 rescue personnel will be taking part in today's rescue operations.
This has been Hwang Sung-hee reporting from Paengmok-hang harbor.
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fatboyme (USA) 2014-04-23 10:51:07 KST    

So very sad.