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Group memorial altar set up for Danwon High School Students who have passed Updated: 2014-04-23 12:01:21 KST

  Group memorial altar set up for Danwon High School Students who have passed
The entire nation is mourning the loss of so many lives so young and so abruptly taken away Koreans are holding candlelight vigils making donations on and offline coping with this tragic incident together.
Meanwhile, in Ansan - the city touched the most by this tragedy - a memorial service is taking place to pay tribute to the young victims from Danwon High School.
We have our Connie Kim joining us live from the Ansan Olympic Memorial Hall where a group memorial altar has been set up

Good afternoon, I'm at Ansan Olympic Memorial Hall which is about a five-minute walk from Danwon High School.
The altar was opened to the public this morning and there have been streams of friends and relatives visiting to say their last goodbyes.
The portraits of 47 Danwon High School students and teachers are displayed.
That total includes the 25 students whose bodies were released to their families this morning.
The task force team from the Gyeonggi-do province education office decided to set up this temporary altar, as it's difficult to arrange a group funeral for the deceased.
With more bodies being retrieved from waters off Jindo island, more are expected to arrive here in the days to come.
To help this city in mourning, citizens of Ansan and volunteers from all over the country have come together.

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"To help support our community in this time of need, we have made all of our medicine and resources available to Danwon High School, and will continue to do so until the altar is removed."

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"We think people from all over the world will come here today. About 100 volunteers are here to support the families of the victims. We are going to distribute food, drinks, and assist mourners."

As the families of the victims wish to hold the memorial altar for all of those who have passed, it will be set up at the Hwarang recreation park next week.

Our hearts go out to all the victims and their families. For the survivors we hear some of the students have been discharged from the hospital and others will be going home soon.

That's right.
Originally between 80 to 90 percent of the student survivors hospitalized at Korea University Ansan Hospital were scheduled to be discharged, depending on their mental and physical conditions.
The director of the hospital said yesterday that staying in the hospital too long could actually make their recovery process more difficult.
The hospital held a press briefing earlier, but did not confirm whether those who were expected to be released were in fact allowed to go home.
When they do, they will of course receive regular counseling sessions and if needed, medication as well.
Danwon High School, which has been closed temporarily since last week's accident, will reopen Thursday for students that were not on board the Sewol-ho ferry.
This has been Connie Kim reporting live from Ansan Olympic Memorial Hall.
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