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Koreans spread "yellow ribbon" message of hope Updated: 2014-04-23 15:54:01 KST

  Koreans spread "yellow ribbon" message of hope
<SOV> " ." "One small movement, Big miracles"
This simple image of a yellow ribbon bow has become a symbol of hope in the wake of one of Korea's deadliest maritime disasters.
Its message of one small movement that can lead to big miracles has resonated with people across the nation.
The Yellow Ribbon Campaign of Hope was first started by a university student club, urging people to unite in their support for those affected by the tragic accident.

"It began as a logo being distributed as a KakaoTalk wallpaper, but it spread to other aspects of everyday life that we can see like a tying a yellow ribbon or string on your backpack. Keeping them in your thoughts is also good."

The yellow ribbon campaign has spread online across social networking services such KakaoTalk, Twitter, and Facebook, with international celebrities and professional athletes also joining in to express their support for the victims.

Meanwhile, the story of Park Ji-young - a 22-year-old crew member - has deeply moved the country.
According to survivors, Park had refused to take a lifejacket and instead, kept trying to save passengers till the very end.
Her body was one of the first to be recovered from the wrecked ship.
An online petition has now attracted tens of thousands of signatures, calling for the government to designate her as a martyr.
Once legally recognized for her sacrifice, Park's family will receive financial compensation and benefits, while her body may be buried in the National Cemetery.

"Certificates issued by hospital-level medical institutions or police records to prove [her] actions are most important. In addition, identification documents from fire departments, and other authorities are also required."

The health ministry says once it receives a formal application for Park, officials will promptly examine her case for review.

Paul Yi, Arirang News

843glamour (Iran, Islamic Republic of) 2014-04-27 22:14:56 KST    

I'm so sad 'cause sad tragedy happened in S.Korea recently.My family & I pray for Korea. I hope korean people don't miss their hope 'cause miracle is near.Iranian people is next to korean people forever after.with lots of pray & love from Iran.

kimchoden32 (Bhutan) 2014-04-27 20:13:52 KST    

I am tshering choden wangmo from bhutan and i am here to convey my deepest condolences to people affected due to the ferry disaster.. With the hope tht it would lighten the sad souls, i have written a poem...

The catastrophe, the ferry disaster
has brought upon countless deaths
sweeping with sadness and grief worldwise.
Indeed, it is heart breaking
to see a lot of bodies
but remember this, Oh people!
Tht we are one
we are together with you in this bad time
we pray for miracles to happen
we anticipate for good and better news
we look for fresh hopes
and we hope for better tomorrow.
O people! Let us take a moment of silence
share the suffering of people
let us remember the lost people
and let us appresiate the heroic deeds shown.
We may be from different countries
but we live on same planet.
This is not the time to be sad
but to be strong and suppoert each other...
Prayers from bhutan

graihwing (USA) 2014-04-27 14:42:46 KST    

Proud Korea.
Noble Korea.
The best of humanity.
We are with you in suffering.
We are with you in strength.

Your "Han" is felt by all the world.
You will be strong again.
Korea Strong

vijaykakkar (India) 2014-04-23 21:35:52 KST    

My wife and I Pray to God to give peace to the departed Souls of the children and Strength to the Families to bear the loss.

jblibao26 (Philippines) 2014-04-23 11:12:01 KST    


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