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Families of ferry disaster victims grieve as death toll rises Updated: 2014-04-22 20:56:24 KST

Families of ferry disaster victims grieve as death toll rises
It's now the seventh day of operations to find those still aboard the sunken Sewol-ho ferry.
Rescue teams are doing everything they can at the site of the accident in the hope of finding any survivors.
However so far, only dead bodies have been recovered.
The death toll, which is rising fast, currently stands at 1-hundred-21.
Let's go straight to our Hwang Sung-hee and Ji Myung-kil at the Paengmok-hang Harbor, just 20 kilometers away from the accident site.

Yes, as you said the confirmed death toll is rising fast and it's well over one hundred.
Many of the bodies coming here have not been identified yet, but they do have very detailed descriptions like what they were wearing, the length of their hair and even the shape of their earrings.
Family members of the missing who have been camping out here have been gathering around the list, trying to match the descriptions with their loved ones.
With the quick rising death toll, more and more families seem to be filling the Paengmok-hang Harbor.
It's a heartbreaking sight to see as parents break down into tears when it is confirmed that a body is their child.
A temporary funeral parlor that holds some 1-hundred-80 bodies has been set up here at the harbor.

I understand that some disappointed parents of the deceased are complaining that rescue efforts could have been faster. Do they think that their children could've been saved?

Yes, they are lashing out at the government, saying their children lost their lives due to the slow rescue operations and said they will request an autopsy to determine the exact cause of the deaths.
Still, nearly 2-hundred people remain missing and nearly 90 percent of those are students from Danwon High School.

As I looked around the Paengmok-hang Harbor I saw families in despair as dozens of dead bodies were transported to the harbor.
A mother who lost her daughter burst out in tears while she was attending a Catholic mass.
It seems many people were participating in religious activities, praying for their loved ones.
Religious volunteers were here to help people in their time of need, to try and help ease some of their pain and sorrow.

"It is truly heartbreaking I wake up in the middle of the night as the ferry disaster haunts me. The families of the victims say it's really good to have these kinds of religious services as we can pray and share our support."

It's not just the families of victims. but also many others, who have come to Paengmok-hang Harbor to share in the pain.

The rescue team has temporarily suspended their search-and-rescue operations tonight due to fast currents although today was the start of the neap tide, which is when the tides are supposed to at their lowest.
This has been Hwang Sung-hee and Ji Myung-kil reporting live from Paengmok-hang Harbor.
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