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Live update from Jindo auditorium Updated: 2014-04-22 13:54:48 KST

  Live update from Jindo auditorium
With no news updates of any more survivors the families of the scores missing continue to wait for news of their loved ones who were on board the ill-fated ferry.
They have been camping out in an indoor auditorium near the accident site in Jindo, many of them in deteriorating health conditions.
Our Hwang Ji-hye is there with these families. she joins us live from Jindo Indoor Auditorium.
Ji-hye, I can't even begin to imagine what these families must be going through - how they have been coping with these harrowing times for the past six, seven days.

It's been now an agonizing week of waiting for the people here, and the atmosphere here is extremely heavy and depressing as you would imagine.
Some of the families here are collapsing, while many others are barely eating and sleeping.
Some are so ill they've been put on medication.
I had a chance to talk with one of the emergency personnel here at the Jindo gymansium, who described the state of those who are here.

"After several days, the families are exhuasted both physically and mentally. We also feel very bad and sorry for them, so we're trying our best to give at least a little comfort to them."

There are fewer and fewer relatives of the victims here at this gymnasium now.
When bodies are identified, they leave to attend to their loved ones.
Representatives of the families are now in discussions on how to proceed with funerals.
The families still here are clinging on to the hope of finding more survivors as the weather conditions improve today.
There are notes at the entrance of the gymnasium, and one of them reads. "come back soon daughter so we can have dinner together."
It's truly a heartbreaking scene.
Yesterday, the representative of the families told the others that he had asked authorities to wrap up search-and-rescue operations by this Thursday.
He said the authorities pledged to do their best to meet the deadline.
This has been Hwang Ji-hye reporting live from the Jindo auditorium.
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