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Central Disaster and Safety countermeasures headquarters briefing Updated: 2014-04-22 20:56:02 KST

 Central Disaster and Safety countermeasures headquarters briefing
Let's move to the latest search strategy in locating the missing passengers of the Sewol-ho ferry.
Operations are focusing on the third and fourth floors where experts believe most of the bodies will be found in the ship's cafeteria.
For details let's turn to our Kim Hyun-bin who's standing by at the central disaster and safety headquarters on Jindo island.
Hyun-bin, fill us in on the latest.

The spokesperson on Tuesday afternoon, said that the search team had recovered 22 additional bodies on the third and fourth floors of the ferry today in addition to the 23 bodies recovered Monday.
Most of the victims retrieved over the past two days were high school students who were in the ferry's lounge when the vessel capsized.
He added that many more unrecovered bodies are thought to be located in the cafeteria of the vessel, as it was breakfast time when the ferry started listing.
That area is going to be the next place divers enter.
Today, 239 vessels, 32 aircraft and over 750 divers were deployed for search operations.

Hyun-bin, the international community is reaching out to help in this time of need. How so?

The U.S. defense department said Monday that it plans to send in a Navy salvage ship to South Korea to help recover the ferry.
South Korea has not formally requested for the ship, but it's currently being moved from Thailand.
The ship is designed to repair or salvage ships crippled in combat anywhere around the world.
The rescue team also successfully dispatched two remotely operated underwater vehicles from the United States for the first time, and three experts from the Netherlands are scheduled to help as well.
Korean authorities have also asked China to borrow barges and cranes.
This has been Kim Hyun-bin reporting live at Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters in Jindo.
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