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Death toll rises with no news of survivors on sunken ferry Updated: 2014-04-22 11:59:09 KST

Death toll rises with no news of survivors on sunken ferry
We have a correspondent on site - our Ji Myung-kil joins us live.
Myung-kil, ** more bodies are being retrieved - we see that, but no news of survivors

Unfortunately, that is the case, Conn-young.
As you said the confirmed death toll continues to rise, and because of that a temporary funeral parlor will be set up here at Paengmok-hang harbor.
Two Chinese and one Russian body were found today, but one Chinese body was not listed on the government's missing list raising questions to the credibility of the government's figures.
Divers are focusing on searching the third and fourth floors today, where many high school students were when the ferry started capsizing.
Family members of the missing who have been camping out here at Paengmok-hang harbor have been gathering around the list of victims, trying to match the descriptions with their loved ones.
Parents broke down into tears when their child's body was confirmed.
Some family members shouted out at reports saying their privacy should be respected and not to reveal the identities of their sons and daughters.
Still, nearly 200 people remain missing and nearly 90 percent of those are from a single high school - that is Danwon High School in Ansan, a largely working-class suburb of Seoul.

A very tragic event, indeed.
Now, ** the international community is also lending a helping hand, aren't they?

Yes, that's right. The U.S. said Monday it plans to send a Navy salvage ship to Korea in recovery of the ferry.
The ship is designed to repair or salvage ships crippled in combat anywhere around the world.
Since yesterday two remotely operated underwater drones from the U.S. are assisting the search operations and three experts from the Netherlands are helping as well.
Korean authorities have also asked China to borrow barges and cranes.
Today 239 vessels, 32 aircraft and over 750 divers are deployed for the search operation.
This was Ji Myung-kil reporting from Paengmok-hang harbor.
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