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TUE, 2015-08-04 KST

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U.S Navy salvage ship deployed for South Korea Updated: 2014-04-22 08:06:00 KST

The international community is reaching out to help
In addition to the amphibious assault ship that's currently helping out in the recovery efforts the United States, is sending a Navy salvage ship that can recover the wreckage of the sunken ferry.
We'll get more details from our reporter Kim Hyun-bin standing by at the Central Disaster and Safety countermeasures headquarters in Jindo.
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Overnight the search team recovered 22 bodies including three foreigners from the ferry.
Nearly 900 flares and powerful flood lights from fishing boats helped divers operate in the dark.The rescue team continues to search of survivors and is trying to receive more international support in its operations. U.S. Pentagon said on Monday that its military plans to send in a Navy salvage ship to South Korea in recovery of the ferry.
South Korea has not formally requested for the ship but its currently being moved from Thailand.
The ship is designed to repair or salvage ships crippled in combat anywhere around the world
In addition the rescue team successfully dispatched two remotely operated underwater vehicles ROVs from the United States for the first time, and Three experts from the Netherlands are scheduled to take part. Currently the team is working with Chinese authorities to borrow barges and cranes.
There is a briefing in a little under an hour's time about last night's recovery and this morning's efforts so will have more updates at 11am.

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