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Mourners in deep grief at Korea University Ansan hospital Updated: 2014-04-22 11:59:10 KST

  Mourners in deep grief at Korea University Ansan hospital
As the death toll continues to rise as the day progresses local hospitals near the accident site down in Jindo and in the city of Ansan, the home to students who were on board the ferry, are working around the clock to receive the identified bodies.**
Our Kwon Soa is out there at the hospital. Soa, what's the latest there?

A few hours ago, parents of the students that survived the tragic accident announced they had made an appeal at the Ansan Office of Education.
They urged for swift rescue operations and also criticized the media for its indiscriminate reports on this incident, and asked for all of society to help them in this difficult time.

"The children who haven't been rescued yet, the ones that went to heaven, as well as the ones that survived all need our care. The kids that survived feel guilty.
At the hospitals they are helping the students, to comfort their minds and bodies."

And Soa, I understand funeral processions are currently taking place at the hospital.

A total of eleven students of Danwon High School were or are still expected to be released today
at this hospital, or nearby ones tomorrow the number will be 21.
Earlier at the Korea University Ansan Hospital's funeral hall, I saw a long row of family members at a funeral car, crying in grief.
As the day is progressing, more mourners are visiting the hospital to pay their respects to the deceased that arrived earlier here at the Korea University Ansan Hospital.
Not only acquaintances, but many other citizens expressed their condolences too.
Around 70 students who survived the ferry accident are being treated here at the hospital
Many of them are suffering from mental stress and depression.
I tried to talk to one of the doctors or nurses, but they are currently all gathered at a meeting, prior to a briefing that's scheduled for this afternoon.

Soa, we hear that a group memorial altar will be set up in Ansan, near the hospital you're at, so that people can say their last goodbyes and pay respects?

Yes, that altar for the Danwon High School students that have passed, will be set up at the Ansan Olympic Memorial Hall which is about 10 minutes away from here.
Friends and relatives will be able to pay their respects there, from Wednesday.
In the city of Incheon where the Sewol-ho ferry left the shore, another group memorial altar at the International Saint Mary's hospital will be built too.
Some parents have delayed releasing their children, after requesting an autopsy to find out the direct cause of death.
This has been Kwon Soa, reporting live from the Korea University Ansan Hospital.
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