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Korean ferry disaster Tuesday updates Updated: 2014-04-22 06:34:13 KST

  Korean ferry disaster Tuesday updates
Prosecutors and police are expanding their joint investigation into the ferry disaster.
For more, we have our Kim Ji-yeon live in the news center for more details.

The joint investigative team arrested FOUR crew members including chief engineers and navigators and imposed a travel ban on 44 people including the management and owners of the company that owns the ferry for neglecting their duties to lead the passengers to safety.
The Gwangju District Court is to consider the request for the arrest warrant at about 10:30 am, which is about 90 minutes from now.
Also, the investigative team is planning to expand their investigation into whether it was illegal for the ferry to be restructured to include more cabins and hold more people.
The investigation team is also looking to see whether the captain and the crew of the Sewol-ho ferry had adequate training to deal with passenger evacuations and safety in times of an emergency.

MARK: How are the authorities doing in terms of determining what was going on during the time the ferry started to tilt and sink?

The joint investigation team are analyzing retrieved mobile and video records of some 4-hundred people that were on board the ferry to determine the timeline of events that led the ferry to sink and what actions the crew members took after they learned that the ship was sinking.
Prosecutors are also analyzing the messages and cellphone records sent within the crew members and to their families.
They're looking to see whether the crew members shared information on how to escape the ship while telling the passengers to stay put.
A chief engineer surnamed Park told prosecutors that there was a call to the engineering room telling crew members to escape and said they had escaped through a tunnel that was only accessible to the staff that was on the third floor of the vessel.
Prosecutors say that they are trying to find proof of testimonies given by some of the crew members that said they were ordered to escape.
Prosecutors are also considering altering the status of the 58-year-old engineer surnamed Sohn from a witness to a suspect.
Sohn attempted to commit suicide after being questioned by authorities.
I'll be back with more updates later today.
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