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SAT, 2015-03-28 KST

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Live updates from Jindo auditorium Updated: 2014-04-22 04:25:13 KST

The families of the missing are now into their seventh day of waiting for any news of their loved ones who were on board the ill-fated ferry.
They have been huddled up in an gymnasium near the accident site in Jindo where our Hwang Ji-hye joins us live.

With more than 20 bodies retrieved over the past several hours,. the air here is heavier than ever.
It's quite calm at the moment though but some families are up, bracing themselves for another day of pain and unbearable waiting.
As you'd expect after seven days of waiting, the families look physically and emotionally exhausted, with some losing hope.
While many want to believe their sons and daughters are still alive, hopes are fading for others, and now they just want to find their loved one's bodies so they can say one final goodbye.
They're afraid that if re-floating the submerged ferry using does not take place soon, they won't even be able to recognize the faces of their children.
Experts say bodies trapped inside the sunken ferry would start decomposing after a few days.
From time to time when families confirm a body discovered is their child, howls of horror, yelling in anger and cries of grief fill the auditorium.
The despair and sorrow fills the room, it is truly heartbreaking.

We hear that a briefing took place about the progress of rescue operations

Yes, that's right.
The representative of the families told the others at the podium yesterday that he asked authorities to wrap up search-and-rescue operations by this Thursday.
He said the authorities pledged to do their best to meet the deadline.
As to complaints from the families that the oil spill is damaging bodies, the representative said that using chemical products to stop the oil spill could worsen conditions when it comes to preserving the bodies still trapped in the water.
He went on to say the first priority is still rescue operations.
This has been Hwang Ji-hye reporting live from the Jindo auditorium.
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