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Death toll from Korean ferry disaster soars after dozens of bodies retrieved Updated: 2014-04-22 04:36:48 KST

Death toll from Korean ferry disaster soars after dozens of bodies retrieved
We are now into the seventh day of search and rescue operations.
Rescue teams are still putting all their efforts into finding any possible survivors, but hope is extremely dim given the time that's passed.
The number of confirmed deaths also rose sharply overnight.
For more details, let's go live to our Hwang Sung-hee standing by at Paengmok-hang harbor, just 20 kilometers away from the accident site.

Dozens of bodies were found last night, raising the death toll from the ferry disaster to 87.
Most of the bodies were found on the third and fourth floors of the vessel, which is where many passengers were believed to be at the time of the accident.
The third floor is where the lounge and cafeteria are and the fourth floor is where the cabins are.
The bodies of two Chinese and one Russian were also included among this number.
As you can imagine, there were cries of parents throughout the night, wailing and howling for their children after they received reports confirming that their child had died.
Still, 215 people remain missing inside the sunken ferry and nearly 90 percent of those are students from Danwon High School.

Now this is still officially a rescue mission, how are the operations going?

Rescue teams continued their search and rescue operations throughout the night.
Nearly 900 flares and powerful flood lights from fishing boats helped divers operate in the dark.
Even at night, the divers continued their attempts to enter the vessel using the five guide ropes installed earlier to the ship.
The rescue team is also receiving foreign support.
Experts from the U.S. and Netherlands are here in Jindo helping out with the rescue operations.
Since yesterday, two Remotely-Operated Vehicle -- ROVs -- sent by the U.S. were deployed to search inside vessel.
This was Hwang Sung-hee, reporting from Paengmok-hang harbor.
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