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Live updates from Jindo Auditorium Updated: 2014-04-21 12:05:24 KST

Live updates from Jindo Auditorium
The families of the missing are now into a sixth day of waiting for any news of their loved ones who were on-board the ill-fated ferry.
They have been huddled in an indoor auditorium near the accident site in Jindo where our Hwang Ji-hye joins us live.
Ji-hye how is it over there

It's relatively calm here, but from time to time howls of horrors and cries of grief can be heard here and there.
They're crying out, asking how they are supposed to live.
While the families are trying to stay calm, emotions erupt as they check a television screen showing descriptions of what the newly discovered bodies look like.
And with no new updates of survivors, hopes are dimming for many families here.
Many of them have been here, living here basically, since last Wednesday.
They look very, very exhausted -- many barely able to eat or sleep.
Some have even fainted.
Rumors are also spreading among the families here about how rescue operations are going, how the bodies are being handled and more.
It seems like there's very little trust in the authorities.
This was Hwang Ji-hye reporting live from the Jindo auditorium.
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