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THU, 2015-04-02 KST

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Live from the Paengmok-hang harbor Updated: 2014-04-21 09:00:44 KST

We are into the sixth day of search and rescue operations for the victims of the capsized Sewol-ho ferry but, there hasn't been any hopeful news yet
The death toll continues to rise and unfortunately is expected to go up even more in the coming hours and days
Let's go straight over to our Hwang sung-hee and Ji Myung-kil at Paengmok-hang harbor some 20 kilometers away from the accident site. What's the latest, guys ?

Unfortunately the death toll has risen to 64. Three hours ago the rescue team recovered two more bodies which were identified as two female students.
The two bodies were found on the fourth floor cabins.
The number of survivors remains unchanged at 174 and still, 238 people, mostly children, remain missing.
Five days have passed since the capsizing of the Sewol-ho ferry, but many of the family members are clinging onto last bits of hope.

The rescue team deployed underwater drones last night to help speed up the rescue process.
Divers were able to connect a 15 meter guideline to the bottom part of the vessel securing new routes.
The divers are also searching into the 3rd floor and the cafeteria of the sunken ferry.
And to speed up operations on Monday the rescue teams have deployed 90 coast guard ships, 32 navy vessels, 90 fishing boats, 34 aircrafts, and over 500 divers.
The weather conditions look favorable with clear skies and calm tidal waves at 2 meter levels.
However, the winds are blowing at a speed of 9 meters per second.

We hope for good news of survivors in the coming hours and days.
This was Hwang Sung-hee and Ji Myung-kil reporting live from the Paengmok-hang harbor.
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