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Special disaster zones; ongoing investigation; Updated: 2014-04-21 12:05:24 KST

Special disaster zones; ongoing investigation;
A clearer picture has started to emerge about the events at around the time the Sewol-ho ferry capsized, with the release of a conversation between vessel controllers and the ship. Prosecutors are also broadening their investigation into the crew and the ferry's operator.
We are also getting word now of more arrest warrants being issued for some of the ferry's crew. What's the latest, Se-min?

Yes, just couple hours ago, the investigators looking into the disaster issued arrest warrants for four additional crew members, one of them being an engineer.
Now this is in addition to the captain and two other crew who were arrested over the weekend.
Officials also say some 20 people related to the renovation of the Sewol-ho ferry have been summoned for questioning.
Prosecutors had previously said they would be looking into the mistakes made by the ferry's crew, the botched evacuation attempt, the early rescue efforts and other related matters,.. such as the extension of the cabin on the ferry.
The Cheonghaejin shipping company will also be investigated including some 20 crewmen and the captain Lee Jun-seok .
The prosecutors have banned the family that owns the shipping company from leaving the country, as the investigation may be extended.
A special task force will be organized for an urgent investigation on the cause of the capsizing.
The Sewol-ho ferry was a 20-year-old ship imported from Japan,
and according to a report submitted by the Cheonghaejin shipping company to the Financial Supervisory Service, the ferry underwent months of renovation to extend its sailing-life for more than 7 years. Back to you in the studio.

There are many more questions than answers right now as to what happened to the Sewol-ho ferry on that fateful day. The investigation continues. That was our Shin Se-min, reporting live from the news center, and she'll be back later in the newscast with more.
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