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FRI, 2015-03-27 KST

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Live from Paengmok-hang harbor Updated: 2014-04-21 04:35:39 KST

For the latest update on the ongoing search and rescue efforts we connect live to our Ji Myung-kil standing by at the Paengmok-hang harbor which is the focal point of rescue operations.
Myung-kil it's looking an increasingly desperate situation

Yes as of 6 a.m. Korea time unfortunately there are no news of any survivors. The current death toll stands at 59 with 243 passengers listed as missing.
A rescue team found another body after past midnight Monday in the waters off Jindo-Island near the accident site of the vessel.
The body was identified as a female and she was wearing her life jacket at the time she was found.

How have rescue operations been going overnight?

Yes since Sunday night the authorities have been using a remotely controlled submersibles to try and find any possible survivors or bodies.
The rescue team was also able to connect a 15 meter guideline to the bottom part of the vessel.
The divers are searching into the 3rd floor and the cafeteria of the sunken ferry but as of yet no survivors or bodies have been found.
The rescue team plans to dispatch coast guards, divers, and more submersibles to speed up efforts.
Currentlystrong gusts of winds are blowing here at the Paengmok-hang harbor.

Thanks, Myung-kil. Do keep us updated throughout the day.

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