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Live updates from Jindo auditorium Updated: 2014-04-20 21:05:36 KST

The families of those missing from the sunken Sewol-ho ferry have been congregating at an auditorium near the accident site in Jindo.
This is the fifth day of what has been an agonizing waiting period for all of them.
Our Hwang Ji-hye now joins us live from the auditorium.
Ji-hye, what have you been seeing?

Guys, it's relatively calm here but the air is extremely heavy.
When families confirm that a newly discovered body is that of their child howls of horror and cries of grief fill the auditorium.
A television screen is showing descriptions of what the deceased were wearing along with other identifying characteristics so the families can identify their loved ones.
It really is heartbreaking.
Anger toward the government is also mounting among the families.
They're saying the rescue operation is proceeding too slowly.
Some are taking to the stage to make speeches about their increasing frustration.
Rumors are also spreading among families here about how the bodies are handled.
Families believe the bodies are not treated properly.
Some people have even collapsed, while others have headed to Paengmok-hang Harbor to see the site with their own eyes.
Medical personnel are on 24-hour standby here, in what is a very tense and agonizing environment.

Alright, thanks Ji-hye for that report.
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