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Ongoing rescue operations at Paengmok-hang harbor Updated: 2014-04-20 21:34:23 KST

Ongoing rescue operations at Paengmok-hang harbor
Rescue teams have retrieved more bodies from inside the hull on this Sunday.
Unfortunately, it looks like we can expect the death toll to rise even more in the coming hours and days.
Let's go live to our Hwang Sung-hee and Ji Myung-kil at Paengmok-hang harbor -- the focal point of the search-and-rescue operation.
Sung-hee, today nobody received the good news they were hoping for but some families may be able to definitively know the fate of their loved ones.

Dozens of bodies were retrieved today as the divers gained access to the inside of the vessel late last night, but there has been no news of survivors yet.
The death toll currently stands at 58.
Throughout the day, we've been seeing boat after boat coming in from the capsized Sewol-ho ferry, but unfortunately, they were all carrying bodies and no survivors.
Hundreds of family members of the victims are camping out here, but so far, they've only been met with disappointing and heartbreaking news.

But we are hoping for some good news as search-and-rescue operations will continue throughout the night.

Rescue teams will continue their search for survivors with 20 to 30 divers operating simultaneously.
Some progress was also made in the rescue operations today as the divers have attached five guide ropes to the vessel, opening new routes into the vessel.

Just couple of hours ago, the maritime minister visited the Pengmok-hang harbour to check on the rescue operations.

And earlier today, we also heard about the first death from the rescue team.
A navy sailor who was taking part in the rescue operation has died.
He fell into a coma after hitting his head on Wednesday, and passed away last night in the hospital.
The rescue operation will continue throughout the night, but how does the weather look for tomorrow?

The weather tomorrow looks good, with clear skies and tidal waves at the one-meter level.
Rescue operations have gained momentum, and we're hoping that the 2-hundred-44 missing survivors will return to their loved ones, who are waiting anxiously at Pengmok-hang harbor.
Back to you.

Good news has definitely been so hard to come by in recent days.
That was our Ji Myung-kil and Hwang Sung-hee reporting live from the closest harbor to the ferry disaster site.
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